SCOR [ スコー ]は、星を巡る旅で出会った「光」の記憶として、作品を作っています。

SCOR creates works as a memory of the “light” that he encountered on his journey around the stars.
The scenery I saw during my journey around the stars, the names of the stars I visited, and the light I saw were left in the shape so that I could enjoy them as accessories even after returning from the trip.
I would like to show you some of them and share my memories with you.
Do you have a memory of light that resonates with the light in you?
We will deliver light accessories that will be a talisman to empower you.


Minerals and wires are used in the work.
No two minerals are the same, and they are all great for shaping different light memories.
Minerals are incorporated into the design as a medium to represent planets, meteors, and the galaxy itself.
In addition, the title of the work is a memory that is recalled from each of the colorful minerals that have been polished into various shapes.
We pay close attention to the end of the wire so that you can enjoy the resonance of light with peace of mind.

(メキシコ・ベラクルス州ラスヴィガス鉱山産の、世界一美しいといわれる高い透明度を持つアメジスト/フィンランド・ユレマー地方産の、非常に鮮やかな青い光沢が見られるスペクトロライトと名付けられたラブラドライト など)
SCOR [ スコー ]の作品では、特に色合いの美しさ、透明度の高さ、模様のユニークさが際立ったピースを、世界中の産地から集められた鉱物の中からピックアップし、作品製作に用いています。

Even for the same mineral, each color, vividness, pattern, transparency, etc. are different.
Minerals produced in a certain area may have distinctive characteristics.
(Labradorite named Spectrolite with a very bright blue luster from the Amethyst / Yuremar region, Finland, which is said to be the most beautiful in the world, from the Las Vegas mine in Veracruz, Mexico)
Since cabochons and facet cuts are processed one by one by human hands, the quality of polishing and cutting are all different.
In SCOR’s work, pieces with outstanding color beauty, high transparency, and unique patterns are picked up from minerals collected from production areas around the world and used in the production of the work.